Sta-Rite Irrigation Pumps (Centrifugal Style)

All-Rite Water Purification is proud to offer our customers Sta-Rite irrigation pumps and related equipment. Most Irrigation (lawn sprinkler) pumps in Brevard county are above-ground pumps, typically self-priming centrifugal pumps. Whether you are watering a small residential lot or a large golf course, Sta-Rite and All-Rite Water Purification has the right system for you. Sta-Rite irrigation pumps handle flows from a few gallons per minute to thousands of gallons per minute. Regardless of your irrigation pumping needs, All-Rite Water Purification and Sta-Rite are up to the task. Our Sta-Rite pumps can be used with automatic sprinkler systems or manual lawn sprinkler pump systems.  Sta-Rite Irrigation pumps can also be used for a wide variety of other applications. All-Rite Water Purification and Sta-Rite are sure to have an irrigation pump to meet your needs.

All-Rite Water Purification has decades of experience in selling, servicing, maintaining, and repairing irrigation pumps.

If you have a special application that a standard will not work for, please contact us and let us know your needs. We have the experience and knowledge to handle your pumping needs.

If you need a residential pump, All-Rite Water Purification is your local pump company for all your pumping needs.

For on-site service call 321-730-2606